• Not your average massage chair: 8-point heated massage chair

    Not your average massage chair: 8-point heated massage chair
    An 8-point heated massage chair not only relaxes you in up to 8 points, but it does so with controlled heat to ensure your body is properly decompressed and relaxed. Buying your own 8-point heated massage chair is an investment in self-improvement and care. Any time of any day, you can conveniently have access to an undeniably effective way of de-stressing and completely relaxing....
  • Massage Guns Australia

    Massage Guns Australia
    Who would’ve thought that today we’ve got the luxury of a massage in the comfort of our home? Certainly, cheaper on the long-term; and more convenient. The answer: the massage gun. In Australia, massage guns are growing in popularity. More people are starting to use them to enhance recovery and relieve muscle soreness. The Instagram community, in particular, is seeing a new wave of...
  • Why Buy A Japanese Massage Chairs

    Why Buy A Japanese Massage Chairs
    A Japanese massage chair, also referred to as a shiatsu massage chair, incorporates the ancient Japanese form of therapy from Japan called Shiatsu. The latter literally translates to ‘finger pressure’. Traditionally, shiatsu involves a practitioner applying pressure (gentle or firm) to parts of the body using their thumbs, hand palms, elbows, knees and feet. Quality Japanese massage chairs will provide the same experiences that...
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