Not your average massage chair: 8-point heated massage chair

An 8-point heated massage chair not only relaxes you in up to 8 points, but it does so with controlled heat to ensure your body is properly decompressed and relaxed. Buying your own 8-point heated massage chair is an investment in self-improvement and care. Any time of any day, you can conveniently have access to an undeniably effective way of de-stressing and completely relaxing. Having this massage chair in the true comfort of your own home is an experience like no other and optimizes all possible massage benefits.


Now with controlled heating, this massage chair offers an entirely new experience. Our 8-pointed and heated Palermo Massage Sofa Recliner Chair is the massage chair you didn’t know you needed. Let your worries, stress, and work wash away with the motions of the massage and enter a state of true content and relaxation. Let our Palermo massage chair bring you a soothing wave of warmth and massage that’s catered to your desires.

The 8-point heated massage chair features adjustable leg and backrests, a 360-degree swivel capability to get a perfect position, a wide and inviting armrest, and 2 convenient cup holders. Controlled by a remote, this massage chair offers complete convenience to ensure your massage is exactly what you need. Following an ergonomic design and features a strong steel base, this massage chair is optimized to offer a sturdy and strong structure.

The Palermo Massage Sofa Recliner Chair is wrapped in a premium polyurethane-backed black leather with wide all-engulfing armrests and extra sponge cushioning to ensure your every curve is warmly immersed. This massage chair’s opulent design can blend beautifully and seamlessly into any interior or home layout. No convenience is spared in this luxuriously designed chair.

Swivel around to watch the television or back to the window, intensify or reduce the massage with an easy click of a button on the remote or simply enjoy the ultimate spot for your afternoon nap. This innovative and contoured armchair was designed to meet all of your needs. Along with an exceptional massage experience, the benefits from an 8-point heated massage chair continue. 

Do you ever experience tensed muscles? Relaxing tense muscles is a specialty of the Palermo. When heat is applied to the body, the muscles, even tense ones, loosen and relax. The intense knots that build up during the day, and much longer, reduce and diminish.

There’s no better way of removing tension than heat. Similarly, poor circulation causes cramps and spasms typically due to those areas not receiving enough necessary oxygen. Applying heat is an extremely efficient way of loosening up those muscles. Once loosened, the cramps and spasms disappear. 

There’s no better combination than a massage and heat therapy. Massages improve the effectiveness of heat on tensions, cramps, and stress. When heat is applied with a massage, it’s able to thoroughly target specific areas. The massage allows the heated to apply further pressure to ensure the tension and stress in the body is truly reduced. The combination of the two can positively impact your physical and, ultimately, mental well-being. 

Do you experience back pain? Owners of this massage chair have praised it for being good for their back. The lower back is subject to more significant stress and strain throughout the day than in other areas. Compression typically builds up and results in the proper circulation of oxygen and nutrients is reduced. A heated massage chair is a great method of alleviating pain as it applies heat to the lower back which assists in decompression and also improvement of circulation.

Removing the back pain can also contribute to alleviating overall stress. If you also experience joint pain, a heated massage increases the oxygen which, in turn, reduces the strain on your joints. This can help improve your mobility and flexibility. The Palermo 8-point heated massage chair follows an ergonomic design that can also assist in improving your posture. Improving your posture can also contribute to reducing back pain further down the line. 

Do you struggle to focus? When experiencing pain, even minor pain, it consumes your mind and tends to be the focus making you unable to concentrate on anything else. Once the pain is relieved, you’ll notice you’re able to think clearer and be more attentive. As mentioned, a heated massage chair is effective at removing pain and alleviating tension and cramps through improving circulation and loosening muscles.

Therefore, heated massage chairs also relax the mind and put you in a better mood by decompressing the body and removing the physical stress you feel. A relaxed body and mind will help you function at your best. A heated massage can also improve your breathing as it relaxes the muscles around your lungs and back, allowing your lungs to more efficiently fill into your chest cavity and resulting in your ability to breathe in more air. A heated massage chair can contribute to improving your mind and body health in more ways than one. 

Owners of this life-changing massage chair look forward to coming home each day knowing they will be able to completely relax. This chair, sturdy and charming in structure, has also been flawlessly integrated amongst their decor. It’s an asset that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. The Palermo 8-point heated massage chair offers you a superb selection of modes to choose from; pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal.

These motions target areas that will highly benefit from a massage and ensure your experience is as relaxing as possible. Decompress your spine, loosen those tense muscles, relieve stress joints, increase circulation, and improve the flow of oxygen with the 8-point heated massage chair. 

An 8-point heated massage chair such as Massage Chairs Australia’s Palermo Massage Sofa Recliner Chair is an extraordinary addition to your routine and lifestyle. Resolve the immense stress your body and mind are going through each day by offering it a completely relaxing and healing solution like a heated massage chair. Heat and massage therapy combined, it’s a unique and highly beneficial method. Unfold and unwind in an 8-point heated massage chair today. 

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