Massage Guns Australia

Who would’ve thought that today we’ve got the luxury of a massage in the comfort of our home?

Certainly, cheaper on the long-term; and more convenient.

The answer: the massage gun.

In Australia, massage guns are growing in popularity. More people are starting to use them to enhance recovery and relieve muscle soreness.

The Instagram community, in particular, is seeing a new wave of advocates and brands.

What does a massage gun do?

Using what’s known as percussion or vibration therapy, a massage gun produces rapid bursts of pressure on the desired body part. It works in either a circular or thumping motion, with varying speeds and pressure.

Although a massage gun doesn’t completely get rid of muscle soreness, it increases blood flow to the specific muscle area where it’s applied. This helps reduce inflammation and muscle tension and gets rid of muscle knots that occur after physical activities.

Alternatively, you can use your massage gun before workouts as part of your warm-up routine.

Why use a massage gun?

Research has suggested vibration therapy is equally as effective as massages to prevent DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, which reduces the likeliness of muscle pain and tightness 24 to 72 hours following an intense workout.

Massage guns are useful gadgets that will certainly boost your recovery if you regularly do intense workouts – or simply, to relieve some painful muscles.

If you’re quite unacquainted to these devices, buying a massage gun may be a little confusing. We’ve therefore listed a few features and aspects that help you make your decision.

  1. Massage power

Determined by the amplitude (measured in millimeters, mm) of the device, a greater amplitude means a higher force is exerted during the massage.

A device that has a 12-mm amplitude means the massage head will travel this distance to deliver the force into the muscles.

Since this completely depends on your preference and needs, there is no real industry standard to go by.

  1. Overall design

Keep in mind the weight of the device you’re considering. You want something that’s heavy enough to drive the massage gun to match your expectations, while you also don’t want it to be too heavy as you’ll be holding it for long periods.

The overall design must allow you to hold your device in a firm manner without causing any discomfort, to target various muscle groups.

You’ll find various designs such as the pistol and the ‘arm-like’ massager on the market which will work for different needs.

  1. Action-specific attachments

Most massage guns come with multiple massage heads aimed at targeting different areas and delivering various massage actions.

Designs that have a small surface area, such as the cone, are ideal for smaller muscle groups and on trigger points. On the other hand, the ball attachment is perfect for bigger muscle groups such as the quads and glutes.

Check out our Premium Massage Gun which comes with 6 head attachments. It’s perfect for you’re looking for a range of massage actions that will help you target various body parts.  

  1. Battery

You want your massager to have a decent runtime without dying. You also want it to be operational whenever you need it – even after you forget to charge it. 

Some brands even care to provide swappable batteries.

  1. Noise levels

Noise levels can become quite an important feature when ultimately deciding on your purchase. Keep in mind that the lower the noise, the better will be your experience using your massager.

As a guide, anything that produces above 85 decibels of noise is considered harmful.

If noise level is one of your key considerations, then check out our Deep Tissue Percussion Massager which produces a surprisingly low 45 decibels of noise – as quiet as a computer.

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